• The Ultimate Reamer - Build to Fish
  • The Ultimate Reamer - Build to Fish

The Ultimate Reamer

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The Ultimate Reamer is not just a reamer, it’s a precision tool designed for the rod building industry. These reamers are designed to do the job faster and better than any other reamer currently offered on the market today!

The Ultimate Reamer Mandrel’s are taper ground from high quality hardened steel using a proprietary grinding process. Then, conical Tungsten-Carbide/Nickel teeth are placed in a uniform grit structure and affixed to a flexible sheet which is then permanently bonded to each mandrel.

• Cutting teeth are arranged in a custom spiral pattern for unprecedented cutting ability and enhanced material removal. This custom spacing of the teeth helps to prevent material build up during the reaming process.

• The Ultimate Reamer is safe for use on all cork, cork composites, EVA, Hypalon, and wood inserts used in reel seats. The Ultimate Reamer is NOT designed for use on any type of metal, reinforced reel seats, or components containing any glass.

• Smaller size reamers can be used in portable drills; however larger sizes should be used in a drill press only.

• Custom sizes are available should you want something different from stock offerings.

• The Ultimate Reamer comes with a limited lifetime warranty against manufacturer’s defects.

The Ultimate Reamers are perfect for high volume manufacturers and large scale custom rod builders, or a rod builder who wants only the best reamers available.


Caution: Always follow safety Instructions when using The Ultimate Reamer
• Always wear safety glasses and a particulate mask while using the reamer.
• Be sure to keep loose clothing, jewelry, neck wear, away from the reamer while using it at all times.
• Do Not grab the reamer while it’s turning, serious injury will occur.
• Make sure that the reamer shaft is securely fastened to the handle assembly or drill chuck before starting the reamer process.
• Make sure your body position allows you to have control of the tool at all times. Make sure your footing is secure.


Introduction to the Ultimate Reamer
The Ultimate Reamer at Work – Part 1
The Ultimate Reamer at Work – Part 2


.007 TPI Dimensions Shank Size Application
U1-007 .250" to .362" .250" Low-med Taper Fly, UL spin blanks
U2-007 .362" to .474" .320" Low -medTaper ML-M bass blanks, Inshore Popping & Crankbait blanks
U3-007 .474" to .586" .375" Low-med Taper M - MH Bass blanks
U4-007 .586" to .698" .500" Low -med Taper hvy fresh -light saltwater
U5-007 .698" to .828" .500" Low -med Taper hvy fresh -MH saltwater
U6-007 .828" to .940" .500" Low taperSwimbait / Musky / Hvy Fresh / Larger SW
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Mike T.
United States United States
Ultimate Reamer #5

I have been progressively getting the Ultimate Reamers. I just purchased the fifth one and have been using it to ream cork and EVA for Musky handles. I used to hate reaming. Now it is a cinch and the outcome is perfect. I look forward to reaming numerous handles now.

Mike T.
United States United States
First 4 Ultimate Reers

I have the first four reamers and use them a lot. They are very precise, quick and easy to use. Great for cork, Eva, Winn and even light cedar handles. Saves time reaming and very little arboring.

Gould C.
United Kingdom
To be honest I was a bit skeptical about forking out that much money

However, my first use was on a long grip for a DH rod with mostly burled corks which had already destroyed my old style reamers. The Ultimate reamer made easy work of the cork and left a lovely finished end that needed very little work to tidy up. Definitely very happy with the purchase and already trying to work out why I spent so much time struggling in the past.