Build to Fish
The Build to Fish motto, comes from custom building the best possible fishing rod and then using that rod you built with your own two hands and catching – it’s takes the intimacy of fishing to another level.

That’s how we think here at Batson Enterprises. We live and breathe the fishing lifestyle. From the top of the company down throughout our employees, we believe in providing the finest fishing rod components in the industry.

Batson Enterprises
About Batson Enterprises, Inc

Batson Enterprises is one of the leading innovators of fishing-related products. Our diverse product portfolio is full of quality-trusted brands that are respected worldwide. Our products are distributed globally through a number of our well-recognized brands.

RainShadow Rod Blanks – The finest rod blanks available
ALPS Rod Components – The finest rod components
ForeCast Rod Components – Dependable rod components
Guide Spacing – A website dedicated to helping build custom rods
Team RainShadow – This is both our Pro Staff and clothing Brand

Batson Enterprises is committed to enhancing fishing experiences. With our vast array of product lines, there are many combinations available to customize any rod build. Batson Enterprises has refreshed and focused our attention towards our various brands. This will allow all customers to easily differentiate each of our brands and exactly what each has to offer. Rather than grouping everything under the Batson Enterprises name, we have created individual identities for all of our brands. This will allow us to simplify specific marketing, service, and distribution strategies. Now that we are able to focus our marketing on each brand, you, the end user, will have an easier time selecting the precise components and the perfect blank!