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Dyna-Tek Cleaner

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DYNA-TEK Rod and Reel Performance Kit helps you “Feel More Bites and Catch More Fish” according to Brent Chapman, Bassmaster Elite, 2012 AOY! This innovative product is applied to the rod, guides, reel, and line helping reduce friction and vibration while protecting your rig from corrosion and build-up of foreign material such as dirt, salt, mud, and ice. Whether you are fishing the local stream for trout, lake for bass, fly fishing or offshore for tuna,  DYNA-TEK will improve the performance of your equipment and fishing success. Those fishing in extreme conditions see the benefits of reduced ice build-up and fly fishermen see a dramatic reduction in friction which improves casting efficiency and performance; just two examples of performance enhancement. This unique wipe-on, air-dry, non-stick coating dries in minutes and will last several months. Dyna-Tek’s Rod and Reel Performance Kits come in a towelette package so reapplication can be done easily anytime.